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Hi, and welcome to yet another corner of cyberspace taken over by my boredom and idle hands! For all of you out there who are unfamiliar with me and my quest for web domination, my name is Carolyn Miller, and I currently happen to be a freshman in college. Everything on this page is the product of what I did while I was supposed to have been doing actual schoolwork.

It all started one lonely Friday night, when I wandered into the campus coffeehouse and started doodling to pass the time.

The result was a drawing of a girl whom I dubbed, “Kariko the Vash-Obsessed Fangirl” which you can see to the right. As you can tell from the pic for Child Care, and the actual child care itself, I kind of have a sort of thing for Vash the Stampede. Anyway, after seeing the finished product, I went on to doodle a pic of me and my friend Josh. That was the first of the official doodles (which you can find to your left, under ’Gallery’).

Then, after some nice publicity for the doodles, I was given a challenge: turn it into an actual strip. You can blame my friend Arcanis for that (whose furry face is the pic for Other Links, btw). And me, being the person always trying to find some way out of homework, decided to give it a shot. Now, I realize that I’m nowhere near the best artist or the best user of Photoshop out there. But you know, who cares? As long as someone's getting a laugh out of these, that's good enough for me.

Hopefully, someday, I’ll get some actual work done in class.


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