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Of course this strip is centered around me. True, most of the events in here didn't actually happen, but my life would be a helluva lot funnier if they had. No, I've never been in either a devil outfit or an angel costume, mainly because I draw myself skinnier in the strip than I am in real life.
Carolyn's Webscape Navigator

My boyfriend in real life and in the strip. Sure, I could have myself dating Brad Pitt or somebody, but I wouldn't give up this sweetie here for the world. He's pretty quiet most of the time, and he's also Eric's best friend. He's also the one who kept telling me my doodles were really good. And did I mention I miss him like crazy when I'm up at school? Cuz I do.

Eric is a very good friend of mine, since way, way back...the friendship was on hiatus for a few years, but when I started liking Chris, being friends with Eric became a necessity. ;) For some strange reason that no one can understand, the boy wears black nearly 24/7, except for when it's in the washer. Then he wears green and brown. 
The Illusion's Dark Circle

Josh is a good friend of mine on campus - one of the few. He's also the fearless leader of the campus animé group. He was the co-star in my first doodle, and reappeared in the Senshi doodle as the NegaGeneral Jadeite. I bring him out in the strip as a little bit more skeptical than he actually is, but hey, he plays the part better than anyone else. 
Psyflux----------Amish Paradise

My current roomie, but only because she couldn't live with anyone else on campus. ^^; I met her last year, then one night, she convinced me to go to Animé club with her, and the rest is history. It took me a few strips to work her in, but everything's going great with her. We have yet to kill each other as roomies, which I deem a good thing. 

My best friend for at least 6 years, I finally had a chance to put her in the doodles with the Sailor Moon theme. If you can't tell, she was supposed to be Sailor Venus, the senshi of love and beauty. She's the last character to show up in the actual s