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Real Life
The funniest comic strip I have ever seen in my life. It's a must for all gamers and computer geeks.

Penny Arcade
Okay, I'm the only one of my friends to get a kick out of this strip. I don't care. It's freakin' hilarious. Gaming, computer stuff, and just plain senseless violence, it's got it all.

College Roomies from Hell!!!
One my favorite webcomics! Maritza Campos, the cartoonist, is amazingly talented and just all around wonderful. Take my word for it - go there.

Awesome story about two normal hardcore gamers stranded in Japan. Interesting storyline and awesome artwork, this strip is definitely one of my favorites.

I'm not sure how to describe this comic, other than "awesome" and "way cool". It has great characters, with wonderful interaction which just moves the story forward...daily updates don't hurt one bit, either, unless I miss one.

Holland Park High
My other comic, but this one's actually plot-driven. Not updated on a regular basis, though.

Westminster College
My school. Need I say more?

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